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 angelic slayers' first mini rehearsal // ft laetitia

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Hello my name is
Savannah E. Adams
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Hello my name isSavannah E. Adams
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MessageSujet: angelic slayers' first mini rehearsal // ft laetitia   angelic slayers' first mini rehearsal // ft laetitia 1400359500-clockLun 28 Mai 2018 - 20:53
angelic slayer's first mini
A lot of things had changed around the island of Prismver since the beginning of spring. Even as someone who tends to avoid trouble and thus stay out of the main conflicts, despite how curious you naturally are, you found yourself desperately craving for some change. Leann, who you liked for she was your godmother in the school, had been hurt. Some people died, including the mayor, others got badly injured, and you were searching for a tiny bud of fun and hope to blossom in the chaos. So you did your best, of course. You started by creating the Arts Club and then, you found yourself creating a band.

For the second one, it happened without you really realizing it while chatting with other students on the school's chatbox. You met one girl in particular, an extraverted student of the red class, a girl who plays the drums. Laetitia was her name, and she was the reason for which you were getting dressed in a hurry, quite frantically. You tucked an extra-large white shirt you used as pajamas inside of a high-waisted pair of black denim shorts. Then, you grabbed and put on a pair of jet black thighhigh socks and your favorite pair of Converses. To finish, you tied your hair in a quick and messy bun, put your round sunglasses on, the ones that had prescription on the lenses, to hide the purplish, bruise-like dark circles around your eyes, and grabbed your bag. Taking a minute to put what you had quickly gathered on your desk in it, you then started rushing out of the door.

Luckily, your friend lived in the cottage that was located right next to yours, since you were living in cottage 1 and the LMS you had received said she was in cottage 2. You started walking, a little faster than usual. Of course, as she stated it in her message, you didn't forget to take your bass along in her case, which was tied around you and placed on your back. Being a clever one, though, you also took your computer and your graphic tablet with you, because you thought it was important to also talk about the aesthetic part of the band's identity, such as for example the quick logo you had made with the help of photoshop.

As you calme closer to your fellow bandmate's room, you started to worry a little. After all, you were hoping she would not be as extraverted as she seemed to be on the chatbox. You thought about the situation a little, unable to say how much time your social batteries would last. It would be a good test. After all, you had never seen her in real life before. You could completely picture her in your head, playing the drums while yelling like Kim in Scott Pilgrim, filled with joy and energy. You didn't have time to think anymore, however, as you had arrived in front of cottage 2's door. You got hesitant for a minute, but then you knocked quickly and started waiting for someone to open the door and greet you inside. Hopefully it would be Laetitia, you surely didn't need anymore small talk today...

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Hello my name is
L. Amaryllis Miller
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Hello my name isL. Amaryllis Miller
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MessageSujet: Re: angelic slayers' first mini rehearsal // ft laetitia   angelic slayers' first mini rehearsal // ft laetitia 1400359500-clockMar 29 Mai 2018 - 15:42
Even if a wonderful sunny day was predominating outside, Laetitia had decided that she preferred to stay inside to slack off on her bed. Her roommates had left the cottage to enjoy the gorgeous sun and for once, she found it was quite a good thing ; she had finally the possibility to start a playlist of Queen very loudly in the whole dwelling without receiving complaints from her mates. As a big fan of this artist, she estimated the other residents scandalous for having bad tastes in music. However, she was frustrated that she couldn’t share the beauty of these songs with someone ; Queen had been a big source of inspiration for her, and she loved training herself with the drums on his titles. But nobody of her age could understand.

Nobody, except a young blonde girl who was named Ivy, whom Laetitia had talked on the Chatbox. It proved that Queen made her nostalgic too.
That was a strange girl but Laetitia thought she was quite cool ; even if she didn’t know her and never met her, Ivy suggested to assemble a band with Laetitia and other volunteers. It was pretty unexpected, but the E was truly motivated by the idea of a band. Thereby, she had restarted to practice her favorite instrument more seriously, like the period when, with her brother, they had the project of having a band later. Maybe. Ivy had rekindled the flame of the passion, and the Korean was extremely thankful for that. The C showed a big introversion but she was socially clever – Laetitia liked that. She was on top of that really cultivated in music.

Thus, Laetitia decided to send a LMS in order to invite her new friend and finally meet her. The absence of her mates was a big opportunity to discuss on music without being interrupted. When her lizard left the cottage, she realized that she was not very presentable : she was wearing a wide white T-shirt with the logo of Metallica on it, accompanied by a black relaxed short ; her loyal bow tie was resting in a drawer whereas her hair were totally messy. Even her room was a big mess where a lot of items – the most were magic – was laid on the ground. She heard someone knocking on the door, so she ran to the entrance ; before everything else, she attached her hair in a ponytail in order to be pretty, then she opened the door.

“YO. Nice glasses.”

She winked her eye and headed her two forefingers in her direction. Laetitia was relieved that Ivy was wearing some relaxed clothes like her.

“Make yourself at home. Sorry it’s a big mess here, but you can shoot whaddya want if they’re on your way. Just be nice with the drums, please.”

She rushed to the CD player and put the sound down to play it as a background music. Her finger turned the cursor gently and she turned towards Ivy with a big smile.

“If ya want no more music, just say it." She made a pause. "It’s great to finally see ya. I dunno why, but it feels like I’ve already seen ya somewhere. Anyway, you’ve brought a lot of stuff, haven’t ya ? Show me that.”


Maybe life is like a ride on a freeway dodging bullets while you're trying to find your way, everyone's around, but no one does a damn thing it brings me down, but I won't let them ▵ ©️endlesslove.
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angelic slayers' first mini rehearsal // ft laetitia
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